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Oak Development Trust is an arm of Riccarton Baptist Church. The Trust aims to improve the quality of life for those in the Riccarton area and further afield by providing leadership and resources to help meet their social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Carol Renouf

Trust Manager

It’s a privilege to be the Trust Manager for the Oak Development Trust working with a great team in all we do in the Riccarton West community and further afield. I myself am a Registered Nurse and bring a holistic health focus to the work of the Trust. I am married to Colin and have four adult children who are good friends along with their partners and I enjoy the gift of each of the 10 grandchildren that fill up my life and remind me my energy is not endless. I enjoy reading, learning, sharing coffee with friends and being in creation, always enjoying finding new spots to be in and explore.

Nicki Aitken

Community Development Worker

I am married to Alan and we have lived in Riccarton our whole married life.  We have three adult children.  My role is to help new people feel welcome and connected.  I do this by visiting them with a welcome booklet detailing activities and groups that meet in this area.  I find out what people’s interests are and then introduce them to groups and activities that may work for them.  I love meeting people and having this job.  I know the importance of having friends around us so we are not alone or feeling isolated.  When this happens we are all blessed and are stronger together, no matter what happens in life.

Gloria Eom

Family Support Worker

I am a family support worker for ODT, supporting the mums who are involved in the Mainly Music playgroup.
I am married to Chang Hun, and we have three children.We came to New Zealand 14 years ago from South Korea, and understand the challenges of adapting to a new culture.
For me, being a mum provides me with lots of challenges as well as much joy and fulfillment. I appreciate the opportunity to support other mums, many of whom are migrants, in the crucial role they have.

Chang Hun Yu

Social Worker - Migrants

My role is to support migrant families in the Riccarton community.
I believe family is a very important and wonderful structure that God created.
People, especially children are nurtured, nourished, and fed with love, joy, knowledge and a sense of belonging through special relationships within their family. However, sometimes there are time when a family needs support and help to get through a tough time. Oak Development Trust is there to help.
From my personal experience, many people have been gracious to my family and provided help. It was such a blessing for us. So I want to pass this blessing onto other families.

Jo McKenzie

Cultural Support Worker

My role is to support the activities and operation of the trust. I am involved in handling the finances and general administration tasks and work as part of the Asian Wellbeing Hub team.